Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Women's Running Scottsdale-Tempe Half Marathon Recap

Sunday was the Women's Half here in Phoenix.  We carb loaded at Oregano's the night before... I love a big bowl of whole wheat pasta with marinara the day before a big race! 

This was my first Women's Running Series event.  It was a much smaller race than I'm used to; there were only 2097 runners total.  It was a great atmosphere though!  I loved the camaraderie of the women runners. I will note that I have never seen more pink in one place in my life.  ;)  This was only the second year for the Women's Half here in Arizona, and I hope it continues to grow to a larger event.  It was an extremely well organized race and they had a lot of fun extras.

This race was definitely not my best effort; I just didn't train enough for this race, and I totally felt it that day.  I came out the gate much too eager and spent a lot of my energy early on.  I was feeling good and made pretty good time for the first six miles, then halfway through mile six we came to a decent hill that slowed me down a bit.  I was still going pretty decent until mile 9 and then I hit a big wall. My legs were getting really tired and I felt extremely hungry.  I ate my sports beans throughout the race but my tummy was still growling. At mile 10 was also a huge hill and that was pretty rough.

Right before mile 12 I rounded a corner and my wonderful hubby and friends were waiting there for me.  It was really encouraging to see them there smiling, cheering me on.  My hubs ran alongside me for about a quarter mile until I came to the final stretch for the finishers.  As always, it was a great feeling crossing the finish line despite it not being my best time. 

After the race we lingered in the finishers festival for a bit.

They had a 'Freshen Up Lounge' and 'Cookie Cafe' that we didn't take advantage of, but we did hit up the 'Bubbly Booth.'  They were serving Bon Affair, a new sparkling wine with purified water and electrolytes added.  It was extremely tasty and I think it was actually a really cool concept for a beverage too.

There was a station to have the charm from your medal removed and added to a necklace or bracelet.  I had mine added to a necklace and love the daily reminder of my half marathon and the fun day we had.

Alli bear, her family, her boyfriend, my hubs and I left Tempe Beach Park and headed to US Egg, one of our favorite spots for breakfast.  Nothing hit the spot like a breakfast skillet and some protein pancakes!

Except maybe our Bloody Mary's.  :)

I spent the rest of the day in bed with my legs propped up, a little 'When Harry Met Sally' and 'You've Got Mail' on the TV.  I got up a few times to walk it out a little and stretch, but spent the majority of the afternoon relaxing.

Yesterday we went for a walk to help me ease out some of the soreness.  I am definitely feeling better today and put in three miles after work at about a 11 minute pace.  Today technically starts my marathon training plan and I'm excited to really dig into that.  This weekend showed me how much I really need to focus on my training and strengthening.  I'm excited to better my time and increase my distance.

- Did you race this weekend?  What was the event?

- What's your favorite meal before or after a half/marathon?

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  1. Great race, it looks like a lot of fun and the post drinks ... YUM!

    I usually stick with my pre-run peanut butter and banana smoothie before a race, no one like's a surprise potty break when running :D. Oatmeal and eggs when I'm done.