Sunday, October 27, 2013

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Recap

Yesterday morning was the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Walk at Tempe Beach Park.  The company I work for had a team, and we had 85 people out there representing and walking for the cause.  I was so proud of us having such amazing representation!

We arrived about an hour early, allowing us to wander around to the different tents.  There were booths set up all along the lawn of the park with different vendors handing out goodies.  My favorite was the Starbucks tent where they were handing out free GRANDE coffees.  They even had the flavored syrups and cream/milk for you to request your coffee however you like.  Free coffee doesn't get any better than that.

I may have hit up that booth a couple times.

Coffee in the morning makes me very happy.

It was awesome to see so many people out there to support such an important cause.  They also gave out free t-shirts and medals to any breast cancer survivors, and there were women everywhere you looked with the 'Survivor' on the back of their shirts.  All of those women are such an inspiration. 

The walk went through Tempe Beach Park, along the bridge over Tempe Town Lake, up through a neighborhood, and circled back around to the east side of the park.

Yes, that is my finger over the lens.  I know, I am quite the photographer.

Overall, it was a great crowd and a very well run event.

They even handed out tons of snacks at the finish line, comparable to what we get at half-marathons.  I walked away with all the fruit, chips, cookies, crackers, Rice Krispie treats, and energy drinks I needed to get me through the weekend.

The Three Amigos after our snack coma.   Please don't ask me why I jump like that. 

Have you ever seen Supreme Pizza cheese and crackers?!   Best. Idea. Ever.

I went for a longer run later in the afternoon to get some miles in, then stayed home the rest of the day and got my scary movie fix.

And even though it's not scary (though it sure was to me when I was little), Hocus Pocus is still my all-time favorite Halloween flick.

- Anyone doing anything Halloween-y this weekend?

- What's your favorite Halloween and/or scary movie?

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  1. Free Starbucks?!? I would have hit up the tent once or twice too! Looks like it was a beautiful run.