Thursday, October 24, 2013

Signs of Fall

Can we all agree that the beginning of cooler weather is a wonderful thing?  For many reasons...

We all slide a little more in the fall/winter, right?  No, just me?   ;)

Today on my run I saw a bit of the sunset, which is always beautiful amongst the mountains and palm trees.

My run today was not a very good one but as they say, "a bad run is better than no run." Tomorrow will be a better effort on the (dreaded) treadmill.  Runs seem soooo much longer for me on the treadmill, but with it being dark so much earlier now some days I've just got to do it.

After my run I stopped by Trader Joe's for some veggies and, as usual, got sucked in by all their seasonal items.  Trader Joe's shall now be known to me as the 'Land of Pumpkin Everything.'  Along with all their pumpkin quick bread mixes, pancake & waffle mix, soup, ravioli, beer, cookies, pumpkin butter, they also had these goodies:

Of course I bought all three.

They also had this and I can't wait for it to get just a little bit cooler out for us to start mixing this up nightly:

Yum-o.  I truly love Trader Joe's and find it difficult to ever leave that store with fewer than ten items more than what I came for.

- What's your favorite item at Trader Joe's?

- Do you like running on the treadmill, or is it the dreadmill for you too?


  1. Sadly we do not have a Trader Joe's here in Canada. I prefer running on the treadmill right now, our fall has hit hard with rain and wind gusts that keep me inside where it's dry and I'm not running against 50km/hr winds.

  2. That's totally understandable, I don't like running in wind although I don't mind the rain. But if the weather is severe like that the treadmill would definitely look a lot more enticing! :-)